Morris Dalitz (Morris Dalitz)

Morris Dalitz

Organized Crime Figure. Known to his contemporaries as “Moe”. Born Boston, he was raised in Michigan. During Prohibition he was a bootlegger in Detroit, Akron and Cleveland, where he was associated with the Mayfield Road Gang. Expanding beyond bootlegging into gambling both in the Clevland area and in Newport, Kentucky, he operated several illegal casinos and clubs. In 1949 Dalitz relocated to Las Vegas where he and partners took control of the unfinished Desert Inn. For the next forty years he would be a partner in other casinos, real estate and other legitimate businesses. More so than the highly touted Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Dalitz and his partners were responsible for the development of Las Vegas as it in known today. In his later years he was known and often honored for his philanthropy and public works. He died at his penthouse apartment in the Regency Towers at the Las Vegas Country Club.

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  • December, 24, 1899
  • USA
  • Massachusetts


  • August, 31, 1989
  • USA
  • Nevada

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