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Montague John “M.J.” Druitt

Folk Figure. A lawyer, avid sportsman including a talented cricket player, and a private teacher, Druitt was one of the many persons to be suspected to be killer ‘Jack The Ripper.’ The killer terrrorized the Whitechapel area of London, England, in 1888, murdering street prostitutes. The killer was known to have murdered 5 victims and thought to have murdered at least 13 other women. Druitt was suspected as being ‘Jack The Ripper’ when he disappeared from his post at the school he taught at on November 19, 1888. He was dismissed from that post two days later. After his disappearance his body was found in the Thames River in London on or about December 31, 1888. The police concluded that he had committed suicide by drowning under a state of depression although he was a good swimmer. At the time of his death his body was found to have been weighed down by some rocks in his pocket, and scholars to this day think that Druitt may have been murdered.


  • August, 15, 1857


  • December, 12, 1888


  • St Cuthberga Churchyard
  • Dorset
  • England

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