Mario Cabre (Mario Cabre)

Mario  Cabre

Actor, Author, Bullfighter. Born Mario Cabré i Esteve in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, he was the member of a family of artists. He published poetry throughout his life and won the Ciudad de Barcelona Award for his book “Maramor”. But he is best remembered as an actor and bullfighter. In 1943 he debuted in the bullring of Las Ventas in Madrid and later entered the cinema. During the shooting of the film “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” (1951), Cabré had a passionate romance with Ava Gardner that he remembered all his life. Among his other films are “Oro y Marfil” (1947), “Canción Mortal” (1948), “Misión Extravagante” (1953) and “nocturno 29” (1968). During the 1960s Cabre hosted the popular TV show “Reina por un Día”. He died in Barcelona.

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  • January, 06, 1916
  • Spain


  • July, 01, 1990
  • Spain


  • Cementiri de Montjuïc
  • Spain

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