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Marian  Uhlman

Actress. Known as “The Polka Dot Girl” of World War II pinups, using the name of Chili Williams, later appearing as a Goldwyn Girl. A graduate of the Marshall High School, she was discovered by a modelling agent in 1943 at Fire Island in New York. The modelling agent’s photographer took her picture while she was in the surf and it appeared in Life Magazine. The edition of the magazine was so well received, that 35,000 fans sent in letters. In 1944 she signed a movie contract and moved to Hollywood, California, and appeared in the films, “The Lusty Men” (1952), “Captive Women” (1952),”The Las Vegas Story” (1952), “Where The Sidewalk Ends” (1950), “Kill The Umpire” (1950), “My Dream Is Yours” (1949), “Assigned To Danger” (1948), “Raw Deal” (1948), “Heartaches” (1947),”Copacabana” (1947), “Gas House Kids Go West” (1947), “George White’s Scandals” (1945),”Johnny Angel” (1945), “Wonder Man” (1945),”Having Wonderful Crime” (1945), “The Falcon In Hollywood” (1944), and “Girl Rush” (1944). She later married twice and ran a boutique shop in the 1950s.


  • December, 18, 1922
  • USA
  • Minnesota


  • October, 17, 2003


  • Unknown

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