Maria Gallo (Maria Rose Gallo)

Maria  Gallo

Actress. She acted for the first time in a play (1943) being only a teenager. That performance won the Critic´s Award as the best young actress. Among her most remarkable works on stage are “Fascinación,” “Todos los Hijos de Dios Tienen Alas,” “El Mercader de Venecia” and “Prontuario.” In 1950 she traveled to Italy where studied Dramatic Art and acting receiving the compliments of the critics and the public. When she returned to Argentina in 1958 shone in many stage plays, T.V. and cinema (26 movies). Among other awards, she received the “María Guerrero,” “Moliere,” “Estrella de Mar” and the Platinum Konex Award. 

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  • December, 26, 1922


  • December, 07, 2004


  • Cementerio de la Chacarita
  • Argentina

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