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Marc Allégret (Marc Allégret)

Marc Allégret

Motion Picture Director. Icon of the French Cinema. Directed over 60 films, and was also renowned for discovering and directing some of France’s true cinema greats, including such well-known stars as Michèle Morgan, Jean-Louis Barraut,Raimu, Fernandel, Simone Simon, Gérard Philipe, Odette Joyeux, Louis Jourdan, Danièle Delorme, Roger Vadim, and Brigitte Bardot. Among his films were such well-known works as Fanny (with Raimu), Lac aux dames (with Simone Simon and Jean-Pierre Aumont), Zouzou (with the incredible Joséphine Baker and Jean Gabin), Sous les yeux d’occident (with Pierre Fresnay and Jean-Louis Barrault), Gribouille (with Raimu and Michèle Morgan), Entrée des artistes (with Odette Joyeux, Bernard Blier, and Claude Dauphin),and La Petite du quai aux fleurs (with Odette Joyeux, Bernard Blier, and Louis Jourdan). Being the protégé and spiritual son of the French writer André Gide, Marc Allégret was exposed from an early age to the incredibly rich literary and artistic world of Paris in the 1920’s, which included such famous celebrities as Cocteau, Proust, Man Ray, and Picasso.


  • December, 23, 1900
  • Switzerland


  • November, 11, 1973
  • France


  • Cimetière des Gonards
  • France

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