Magali Noel (Magali Noel)

Magali Noel

Singer, Actress. A pretty brunette not afraid to precipitate scandal, she is perhaps best remembered for starring in several of director Federico Fellini’s classic movies. Born Magali Francoise Noelle Camille Guiffray in what was once the ancient Blblical city of Smyrna, she was raised in the itinerant lifestyle of the diplomatic corps, arrived in France in 1951, and that same year made her silver screen bow in “Tomorrow, We Get Divorced”. Fluent in multiple languages, Magali began appearing in films while also developing a following as a rock singer, her 1956 recording of Boris Vian’s “Fais-moi Mal, Johnny” (“Hurt Me, Johnny”) controversial to say the least, its overt sado-masochistic themes earning it wide condemnation, especially from the Catholic Church, though the song would be considered mild by modern standards. Over the years, she performed in films directed by Jean Renoir, Costa Gavras, and others, though her greatest acclaim would be provided by Fellini. Seen in dozens of cinematic features, her more significant credits included “Rififi” and “Razzia Sur la Chnouf” (both 1955), the 1960 “Boulevard”, “Tropic of Cancer” and “The Man who Had Power Over Women” (both 1970) and 1989’s “Pentimento”, as well as several of Fellini’s blockbusters including “La Dolce Vita” (1960), the 1969 “Satyricon”, and 1973’s magnum opus “Amarcord”. Magali was married at least twice and worked steadily for more than 50 years, with time branching-out into television, while continuing her musical career and cutting a few albums. She earned her final credit with 2002’s “The Truth About Charlie”, lived out her days in southeastern France, and died following a brief illness. At her demise, a goodly number of her performances were preserved on both CD and DVD. (bio by: Bob Hufford) ┬áInscription:The name of the composer is Boris Vian and the title of the song is Fais-moi mal Johnny.


  • June, 27, 1931
  • Turkey


  • June, 06, 2015
  • France


  • Cremated

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