Madeleine Barbulee (Madeleine Barbulee)

Madeleine  Barbulee

Actress. She was born in Nancy, France. In her long career that spanned more than fifty years, she appeared in over 125 films. She began her career on stage, become a leading lady in Comédie des Enfants in the 1940s. On cinema, she is best remembered in “Rome-Express” (1949), “The Diary of Major Thompson” (1955), “Les Misérables” (1958), “Pierre et Paul” (1969), “L’Avare” (1980) and “Roulez Jeunesse!” (1993). She died in Paris, France.


  • September, 02, 1910
  • France


  • January, 01, 2001
  • France


  • Cimetière d'Anisy, Calvados.
  • France

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