Lynne Carol (Lynne Carol)

Lynne Carol

Actress. Playing one of the most memorable characters in “Coronation Street,” she was the ever morose Martha Longhurst, one of the Ena Sharples “Snug Cronies.” She was always in her element as the gossipy type, playing off to the dominant Ena, (Violet Carson) and the mousy Minnie (Margot Bryant). After her character was “killed off” in the Snug by having a massive brain heamorage, in 1964, she went on to other TV jobs, and stage work, playing ¬†Annie in the 1979 film Yanks. Married to actor Bert Palmer.


  • June, 29, 1914


  • June, 06, 1990


  • Lytham Park Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Lancashire
  • England

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