Lucinda Schiff (Lucinda Schiff)

Lucinda Schiff

Actress. Born Linda Dooling, she will best be remembered for her role as a high school cheerleader who goes undercover to fight drug dealers and avenge the death of her brother in the 1981 cult film ‘Lovely But Deadly’. She made her acting debut in 1979 in Steven Spielberg’s ‘1941’ and also had roles in ‘The Alchemist’ (1983) and ‘Surf II’ (1984). On television, she appeared in such series and made-for-TV movies as ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’, ‘Miracle on Ice’, ‘Nero Wolfe’, ‘Hart to Hart’, ‘The Rules of Marriage’, ‘Three’s Company’ and ‘The Thorne Birds’. She would go on to marry David Schiff, the founder and a partner in the Hollywood management and production company, MGMT. Schiff died at home after a 15-year battle with recurring brain tumors. (bio by: Louis M.)


  • January, 01, 1970
  • USA


  • December, 12, 2015
  • USA


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