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Louis Alojz Adamic (Louis Alojz Adamic)

Louis Alojz Adamic

Author. Born to peasant parents at the Praproe castle, Blato, located near Grosuplje, Solvenia, his meager childhood education was obtained from the local schools and in Ljubljana where he was expelled at fifteen for taking part in student demonstrations against the ruling Austrians. He emigrated to American in 1913 and finally settled in the Croatian fishing community of San Pedro, California. He started as a worker at the newspaper “The Voice of the People”, rising to reporter soon after. He became naturalized in 1918 around the time of induction into the United States Army, which he served in during World War I, seeing action in France. All of his writings and books are based on his labor experiences in America and his former life in Slovenia.  He achieved national acclaim in 1934 with his book “The Native’s Return”, which was a best seller at the time and directed against Serbian King Alexander’s dictatorial regime. During a visit to the Slovenian and Croatian portions of Yugoslavia, he discovered his old country awash in poverty and injustice. The highlight of the trip was an unwanted, strained audience with the King of Serbia who, when told by Louis Adamic about the conditions and suffering in the land, reiterated harshly, “Yes, the people are poor, but their bellies are full.” From the year 1940 he served as the editor of the magazine “Common Ground”. Plagued by failing health, he shot himself at his residence in Milford, New Jersey. The hue and cry of his faithful claimed a political murder had been perpetrated by Soviet agents, a belief held to this day. However, New Jersey authorities ruled his death a suicide.


  • March, 23, 1898


  • September, 09, 1951


  • Bloomsbury Cemetery
  • USA

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