Lita Baron (Lita Baron)

Lita Baron

Actress. Born Isabel Beth Castro, her family relocated to Michigan when she was five years old. Lita began her career in entertainment as a singer and dancer with bandleader Xavier Cugat. This led to her film debut in “That’s My Baby!” (1944) and she followed this with a string of pictures including “Pan-Americana” (1945), “The Gay Señorita” (1945) and “Jungle Jim” (1948), the later in which she played ‘Zia’ opposite Johnny Weissmuller. During the 1950s, she began to appear in television and had credits from the programs “I Love Lucy”, “The Texan” and “Death Valley Days”, but maintained her film career with the pictures “Jesse James’ Women” (1954), “The Broken Star” (1956) and “Red Sundown” (1956). Additionally, she co-founded the Los Angeles-area TV program “Latin Cruise” with bandleader Bobby Ramos. She was formerly married to actor Rory Calhoun from 1948 until 1970. She died of complications from a broken hip. (bio by: C.S.)  Family links:  Spouse:  Rory Calhoun (1922 – 1999)


  • August, 11, 1923
  • Spain


  • December, 12, 2015
  • USA


  • Cremated

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