Lilia Silvi (Lilia Silvi)

Lilia Silvi

Actress. Born Silvana Musitelli, she will be best remembered as an symbol actress of Italian cinema of the 30s and 40s. Silvi starred in such films as “Il signor Max” (1937), “Assenza ingiustificata” (1939), “Giorni Felici” (1942). In 1935, she made her debut in the film industry in the film “Il cantico della terra” directed by Salvatore Fernando Ramponi. Later, thanks to films such as “Il signor Max” by Mario Camerini and “Assenza ingiustificata” by Max Neufeld starring along side Alida Valli, she imposed her character of saucy girl, lively and independent , becoming one of the most popular young actresses of that time. Among other her film credits regarded as classics of Italian cinema, “Gi├╣ il sipario” by Raffaello Matarazzo, “Dopo divorzieremo” by Nunzio Malasomma both shot in 1940, “Barbabl├╣ ” (1941) and “Violette nei capelli” (1942) by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, “La bisbetica domata”(1942) by Ferdinando Maria Poggioli and “La vispa Teresa”(1943) by Mario Mattioli. In 2011, she was the protagonist of the documentary film “In arte Lilia Silvi,” written and directed by Mimmo Verdesca, which won the Silver Ribbon for Best Documentary in 2012 dedicated to the Cinema, in which Lilia tells for the first time her life in the cinema. She died a natural death at the age of ninety-one. According to many after her death, the curtain falls definitively on the golden age of Italian cinema. (bio by: Ruggero)


  • December, 23, 1921
  • Italy


  • July, 07, 2013
  • Italy


  • Cimitero Flaminio
  • Lazio
  • Italy

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