Leon Belasco (Leon Belasco)

Leon Belasco

Actor. He was born Leonid Simeonovich Berladsky in Odessa, Ukraine. A prolific character actor, he appeared in more than 100 films. They include “Topper Takes a Trip” (1938), “on Your Toes” (1939), “My Favorite Wife” (1940), “The Mummy’s Hand” (1940), “Comrade X” (1940), “Hold Back the Dawn” (1941), “It Started With Eve” (1941), “Yankee Doodle Dandy” (1942), “Casablanca” (1942), “Storm Over Lisbon” (1944), “Earl Carroll Vanities”(1945), “Yolanda and the Thief” (1945), “Three Daring Daughters”(1948), “Bagdad”(1949), “The Toast of New Orleans (1950), “Son of Ali Baba”(1952) and “Superdad” (1993).  (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)


  • November, 11, 1902


  • June, 06, 1988


  • Cremated

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