Laurence Haddon (Laurence Haddon)

Laurence  Haddon

Actor. He left Syracuse University after the USA’ entry into World War II and served with the Merchant Marines. Following his return home, he worked in the aluminum industry for a short period prior to catching the acting bug and embarking upon New York. He achieved small stage roles and in 1953 was cast in a short-live Broadway production called “The Bat”. This was followed with the play “The Warm Peninsula” (1959 to 1960), for which co-starred Larry Hagman and Julie Harris both whom he would later work with on television (Hagman in “Dallas” and Harris in “Knots Landing”). Beginning in the early 1960s, he initiated what was to become a lengthy association with television and had his first recurring role playing Mr Brady in the series “Dennis the Menace”. Haddon went onto accumulate roughly 100 credits on some of television’s most popular series before retiring in the mid 1990s. He died of complications from dementia.


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