Laly Soldevila (Laly Soldevila)

Laly Soldevila

Actress. A native of Barcelona, Catalunya, she began her career on stage in the 1950s. In 1957, she moved to Madrid, where played in “La Celestina” directed for the stage for Luis Escobar. Also, she triumphed as comic vedette in the musical revue “Te Espero en el Eslava.” On stage, she is remembered on “El Realquilado,” “La Carroza de Plomo Candente” (where played the King Louis III), “The Boy Friend,” “Las Criadas” and “Sabor a Miel,” in both comedic and dramatic roles. Also she worked for television in the series “La Casa de los Martínez” and she created the role of Tía Felisa in a spot of detergents. With a characteristic voice, between ironic and comedic, she is remembered in films such as “Tres de la Cruz Roja” (1961), “La Gran Familia” (1962), “La Tía Tula” (1963), “No Somos de Piedra” (1967), “¡Vivan los Novios!” (1969), “El Espíritu de la Colmena” (1973), “Tocata y Fuga de Lolita” (1974), “La Escopeta Nacional” (1977) and “Sonámbulos” (1977). Her real name was Eulalia Soldevila Vall. Sometimes was credited as Laly Soldevilla. Cause of death: Cancer. (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)


  • July, 25, 1933


  • September, 09, 1979

Cause of Death


  • Cementerio Sur
  • Madrid
  • Spain

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