Laleh Bijani (Laleh Bijani)

Laleh Bijani

Medical Figure. She was the second of 29-year-old craniopagus twins to pass away after a 50-hour surgical procedure to separate them. Although the twins were successfully separated, her sister Ladan Bijani died first and Laleh died 90 minutes later, due to loss of blood during surgery. The twins were from a family of 11 children and born in Firouzabad, Southern Iraq, but grew up in Tehran under doctors’ care. Laleh and Ladan wanted to become separated under all circumstances, and Laleh wished to become a journalist (bio by: Grace, Peace and Love, Karen)


  • January, 17, 1974
  • Iran


  • July, 07, 2003
  • Singapore


  • Lohrasb Cemetery
  • Fars
  • Iran

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