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Kim   Walker

Actress. Known for her supporting roles, she was an up and coming young actress in Hollywood before retiring from the business in the late 1990’s. As a teen she landed a few guest roles in series such as “Matlock” and “Highway to Heaven” before moving on to supporting roles in feature films such as “Say Anything” and several made-for-television films. However, she will forever be remembered for her role as Heather Chandler in the now cult-classic “Heathers” which starred a young Winona Ryder in her first starring role. The role won her acclaim and a legion of fans due to her legendary lines and her on-screen persona in this black comedy about high school life. With such lines as “You’re such a pillowcase!,” and “Did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast?” she was a scene stealer during the early-half of the film. Ironically, she died of a brain tumor in March 2001.

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  • June, 19, 1968


  • March, 06, 2001
  • USA
  • California


  • Pinelawn Memorial Park
  • New York
  • USA

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