Karin Larsson (Karin Larsson)

Karin Larsson

Renowned Swedish Designer and Artist. Born Karin Bergöö. Wife of famed Swedish artist Carl Larsson. As a couple they formed an aesthetic partership. Acknowledged as ”the creator of the Swedish style,” meaning interior design and decorations of textiles and furniture among other things. She was educated at the Academy of Arts and The Arts and Crafts School in Stockholm. She came to live some years in Paris, and met her future husband, painter Carl Larsson, at the Swedish artist colony in Gerz outside Paris. The first children where born, and they moved to a cottage ouside Falun in Sweden – Lilla Hyttnäs – today known as ”The Carl Larsson Estate” in Sundborn. Being a family, she devoted all her efforts in taking care of the household; the house, husband and eight children. She made and designed all exclusive textiles and some furniture in the house. They were honoured with an exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum in London 1997.  (bio by: Peter Robsahm)


  • October, 03, 1859


  • February, 02, 1928


  • Sundborns Kyrkogård
  • Sweden

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