Karin Boye (Karin Boye)

Karin Boye

Swedish Poet and Novelist. She wrote about how we should live our lives and how we actually manage to do it. To meet her poetry is to recieve a knowledge on the divion of life, between wanting and being. She made her debut with the collection of poems ”Moln” (Clouds) 1922, and wrote several noted collections and novels throughout her career. Her most celebrated novel is the sci-fi story ”Kallocain” (1940), translated to more than ten languages. Her last collection of poems , ”De sju dödssynderna” (The seven sins of death) was released posthumously. Her most quoted poem is ”Visst gör det ont”: ”Sure it must hurt, when buds are bursting, or why should the spring be so doubtful…”., and also: ”You are my pure consolation, You are my most solid shelter, You are the most precious too, ´Cause nothing can hurt me like you” (free translations). She committed suicide. (bio by: Peter Robsahm)  Family links:  Spouse:  Margot Hanel (1912 – 1941)* *Calculated relationship


  • October, 26, 1900
  • 00


  • April, 04, 1941


  • Östra Kyrkogården
  • Sweden

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