Justin Tubb (Justin Wayne Tubb)

Justin Tubb

Justin Tubb

was an American country music singer and songwriter. Born in San Antonio, Texas, he was the oldest son of legendary country singer Ernest Tubb, known for popular songs like Blue Eyed Elaine.

By 1954 Tubb made it on the country chart with two duets with Goldie Hill—(“Looking Back to See” and “Sure Fire Kisses”). A year later, at age 20, he was made a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Tubb had a few recordings of his own that enjoyed success, including “I Gotta Go Get My Baby” and “Take a Letter Miss Gray”, but he was more successful as a songwriter. He penned many hit songs for other performers, including “Keeping Up with the Joneses”, “Love Is No Excuse”, and “Lonesome 7-7203“, a hit for Hawkshaw Hawkins. Ultimately, six of his songs won awards. In the late 1950s he roomed with a young, up-and-coming songwriter named Roger Miller.

During the 1960s, Tubb worked with his father on various business projects. Toward the end of his own life, he completed an album of duets with his father, using recordings Ernest had made before his death. The album, Just You and Me Daddy (1999), was released after Justin Tubb died in Nashville on January 24, 1998. He was survived by his widow, Carolyn McPherson Tubb.

Both of his sons (two of Ernest’s grandsons)—Cary Tubb (died November 27, 2008, survived by older son Bryce and younger son Codee) and his younger brother Zachary Tubb—became musicians. Cary performed around the U.S. and in England. Zachery has released one album.

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  • August, 20, 1933
  • San Antonio, Texas


  • January, 24, 1998
  • Nashville, Tennessee

Cause of Death

  • Busted blood vessel in his stomach


  • Hermitage Memorial Gardens
  • Hermitage, Tennessee

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