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Joseph Masseria

Gangster. Murdered by four mafia gunmen: Albert Anastasia, Vito Genovese, Joe Adonis and Benjamin Siegel. Joseph (Joe the Boss) Masseria’s Mafia Family was the most powerful Organized Crime Family in New York City from the start of prohibition until the out break of the Castellammarese war in 1930. During the Castellammarese war he came into conflict with Salvatore Mararanzano- the leader of the Mafia Family that today is known as the Bonanno Family. Maranzano fought to free his Family and the other Families of Masseria’s tyrannical rule. The Castellammarese war ended with the murder of Joe the Boss in a Brooklyn restaurant on April 15,1931. Maranzano then became the top man in the American Mafia. But his power did not last long, he was murdered in his business office in Manhattan on Sept.10,1931. His murder was ordered by Lucky Luciano and carried out by Meyer Lansky’s men.

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  • January, 17, 1886
  • Italy


  • April, 15, 1931
  • USA
  • New York

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