Janos Nagy Balogh (Janos Nagy Balogh)

Janos Nagy Balogh

Artist.  Born in Budapest to a working class family.  He grew up to start his passion for painting as a house painter. Janos went on to study at the School of Industrial Trade Drawing in Budapest for two years, and attended an evening course of the School of Design in 1898-99.  He joined the army in 1915. After a serious injury, his arm became paralyzed, so that he went on painting with his left arm. Once he developed his own style it was: dramatic expressiveness, yet touchingly simple and authentic compositions. In his works, the periods before 1908 and after 1915, when he joined the army, are clearly distinct. However, after his injury he painted very few pictures. He was influenced by Rembrandt’s and Franz Hals’ art. Janos died in Budapest in 1919. (bio by: Shock)


  • August, 02, 1874
  • Hungary


  • November, 11, 1919
  • Hungary


  • Kerepesi Cemetery
  • Hungary

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