Jan Amos Komensky (Jan Amos Komensky)

Jan Amos Komensky

Philosopher. He was a theologian and cartographer, but most considered as the first modern educationalist. His book ‘Orbis Pictus’ was the the first picture book for teaching children and remained a standard text in Europe (and in America) for over 200 years. Born in Moravia, (now in the Czech Republic), he died in Amsterdam in 1670. For some reason he was buried out of town in Naarden. When his grave was relocated in the 1920s, the Czech Government immediately undertook to provide a fitting memorial to him. The chapel where he was buried was leased to the Czechs for 1 guilder per year, and they restored it.


  • March, 28, 1592


  • November, 11, 1670


  • Comenius Museum
  • Netherlands

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