James Hadley Chase (James Hadley Chase)

James Hadley Chase

Author. Born René Brabazon Raymond in London,  he was one of the most popular and prolific mystery writers of his time. During the Second World War he served as a pilot in the RAF, achieving the rank of Squadron Leader. Chase published some 80 books, of which more than twenty have been adapted into films. His many works include “No Orchids For Miss Blandish,” “Eve,” “More Deadly Than The Male,” “Make The Corpse Walk,” “Blonde’s Requiem,” “You’re Lonely When You’re Dead,” “You Never Know With Women,” “I’ll Bury My Dead,” “Ruthless,” “What’s Better Than Money,” “The Vulture Is A Patient Bird,” “Like A Hole In The Head,” “Knock, Knock! Who’s There,” “You Can Say That Again,” “Tiger by the Tail,” “The Things Men Do,” “Come Easy–Go Easy,” “Pay or Die,” “Miss Shumway Waves a Wand,” “Lay Her Among the Lilies,” “A Coffin from Hong Kong,” “Have A Nice Night” and “We’ll Share A Double Funeral.”  (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)


  • December, 24, 1906


  • February, 02, 1985


  • Jardin du Souvenir
  • Vaud
  • Switzerland

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