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James Frank “Pete” Rogers

Rogers commanded the Texas Rangers who confronted Fred Carrasco, Ignacio Cuevas and Rudolfo Dominguez at Huntsville, TX, on August 4, 1974, and killed Carrasco and Dominguez to end an 11-day escape attempt at the prison. Two women hostages were killed by the convicts. During WWII, he was a fighter pilot in Europe, winning 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 12 air medals, and pioneered the use of aircraft as a tool of the Texas Dept. of Public Safety. He was a skilled horseman, adept with a lariat, but he was also a pilot with jet rating.  Family links:  Parents:  James Mabry Rogers (1882 Р1967)  Sarah Eldonia Collier Rogers (1884 Р1963)  Spouse:  Gladys Nell Jordan Rogers (1924 Р2005)*  Children:  Baby Boy Rogers (1950 Р1950)*  Sibling:  Jack Mabry Rogers (1916 Р1953)*  James Frank Rogers (1922 Р1978) *Calculated relationship


  • August, 27, 1922
  • USA


  • February, 02, 1978
  • USA


  • Magnolia Cemetery
  • Texas
  • USA

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