Italia Almirante (Italia Almirante)

Italia Almirante

Actress. Considered one of the great divas of the Italian silent cinema, she was born into a family of actors. Beginning her career at a young age she started performing with various theatrical companies. She made her film debut starring in the film “Maria di Magdala” (1910) directed by Mario Caserini, which was followed by films such as “Il poverello di Assisi” (1911) and “Sul sentiero della vipera” (1912). The fame came with the film “Cabiria” (1914) by Giovanni Pastrone, which marked the beginning of a successful career in cinema and that made of she one of the most important Italian divas of the time. Her film credits include important films in the history of Italian silent films, including “La statua di carne” 1921, “La maschera del male” (1922), “L’ombra” (1923) and “L’arzigogolo” (1924 ). In 1926, after a brief period spent touring theater, she played her last silent film “La bellezza del mondo” (1926). In 1934, Italia appeared on screen again in the film “L’ultimo dei Bergerac” by Gennaro Righelli who was also the only one sound film of her career. Later she moved to Brazil where starred in theater. She died prematurely because the bite of a poisonous insect. (bio by: Ruggero)


  • June, 04, 1890
  • Italy


  • September, 09, 1941
  • Brazil


  • Cimitero Comunale Monumentale Campo Verano
  • Lazio
  • Italy

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