Isabel Jewell (Isabel Jewell)

Isabel  Jewell

Actress. She achieved immediate success and glowing critical reviews on Broadway before making her film debut in “Blessed Event” (1932). A veteran of over 100 movies, her credits included “Times Square Lady” (1935), “A Tale of Two Cities” (1935), “Gone with the Wind” (1939), “High Sierra” (1941), “Born to Kill” (1947), “Drum Beat” (1954), “Bernadine” (1957) and “Sweet Kill” (1973), her last film. She also performed in radio dramas in the 1950s and on television shows to include “Kraft Theatre”, “Gunsmoke”, “Perry Mason” and “The Untouchables”.


  • July, 19, 1907
  • USA
  • Wyoming


  • April, 05, 1972
  • USA
  • California


  • Unknown

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