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Isaac Asimov

Author, Scientist. Born in Petrovichi, Russia, his family relocated to New York in 1923, where his father operated a series of candy stores in Brooklyn. He developed a deep fascination with the science fiction genre, and became a legend and a giant in the genre as an author. Beginning with stories sold to magazines by the late 1930s, he maintained an incredibly prolific writing career, publishing hundreds of books. Not content to merely write about science, he earned a doctorate in biochemistry at Columbia University. He wrote non-fiction on biochemistry and many other subjects, in addition to his ever-popular works of fiction. He wrote the film adaptation of “Fantastic Voyage” and founded a best-selling publication, “Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.” He won multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, gaining top honors in the science fiction field. Asimov penned many works that are now considered classics, including “I, Robot” and the “Foundation” series. He has been inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall Of Fame. In 1992 he died of complications from an HIV infection received from a tainted blood transfusion. He was 72 years old. (bio by: pacifica)

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  • January, 02, 1920
  • Russia


  • April, 04, 1992
  • USA


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