Hilary Joyce Bradshaw (Hilary Joyce Bradshaw)

Hilary Joyce Bradshaw

British Fashion Artist. She was considered the last of her line; artisans who rendered the designs of the day with ink and paint, rather than thru photography. Miss Bradshaw was born into an upper class Scottish family, but her father, a prominent sportsman, abandoned his wife and children when young Hilary was a toddler. (Told that her father had died, she did not learn the truth until in her late 80s). Her mother supported the children as a fashion artist; Hilary did not start school until she was eight, but quickly showed her talent, and won a scholarship to the George Watson Ladies’ College. By 12, she was improving her mother’s work, and at 15 got her first commission, doing illustrations for Greensmith Downes, then the largest Edinburgh department store. She attended Edinburgh University, and was sent to the Sorbonne in Paris for her final year. There she met Joseph Rozencwajg, a Polish Jew studying Egyptology. They eloped in February, 1938, and lived in France until the Nazi invasion. The couple went to Belgium, where she taught English, then escaped on the last ship to leave the country. Settling in Glasgow, Hilary sent her portfolio to “Vogue”, launching a nearly three decade career. Moving to Kensington, she set up a studio in the former ballroom of her home…young girls were to come there to pose in the latest haute couture….her work graced the pages of “The Times”, “The Sunday Times”, “Vogue”, and “Woman”. In addition, she did advertising art for Harrod’s, and other upscale establishments. By the late 1960s, photography had taken over the industry, and she and her husband retired to Cannes; after being left a widow in 1991, she returned to England. Miss Bradshaw never stopped painting and drawing; indeed, she experienced a comeback, winning a contract to do fashion drawings for “Harpers and Queen”. She lived her final years in a North London nursing home, remained active, and to the end of her days voiced contempt for photography as a means of artistic expression (bio by: Bob Hufford)


  • August, 26, 1916
  • Scotland


  • January, 01, 2009
  • England


  • Highgate Cemetery (East)
  • England

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