Henry Vahl (Henry Vahl)

Henry Vahl

Henry Vahl was a German theater and film actor . He was known primarily for television dramas, transferred from the Ohnsorg Theater in Hamburg, giving him the name of a popular actor earned.  Born in 1897 in Stralsund Henry Vahl suggested for decades as an actor by the second row. His numerous theater stations included, among others, the theater in the Room of Helmuth Gmelin . In 1958, he was lucky and jumped for the sick colleague Otto Lüthje one, with whom he thenceforth a close friendship. The role of the comic ancients was the son of a fisherman inscribed on his body, which he filled mischievously and diverse in more than 100 roles on Ohnsorg Theater. His favorite role was that of the journeyman shoemaker mats in the play Master Anecker of August Lähn he in two television broadcasts in 1958 (directed by Walter Scherau ) and 1965 (directed by Hans Mahler ) embodied.

By televised theater performances in the NDR he was as well as many guest performances and nationwide very popular and a crowd favorite. So it was in 1967 awarded “Bronze Screen” award. From 1962 until the late 1970s, he frequently appeared in the popular entertainment show NDR Haifischbar on. In the season 1971/1972 he left in a dispute with the former director of Günther Siegmund the ensemble of Ohnsorg theater.  A great success had Henry Vahl on television with the two-part TV crime film “The red purse” (1966), in which he played a major role. Another great stage character for him was the ” lemon Jette “in Hamburg St. Pauli Theater , which he embodied 200 times from 1973 to 1975 on the stage.

Vahl was the uncle of his Ohnsorg Theater colleague Edgar Bessen and the brother of the active also as an actor Bruno Vahl-Berg . 1925 married Vahl ballet dancer Germaine Koch (1901-1975), which he at Lübeck city theater had met.  In his book The lead story reported Günter Wallraff about the fact that the fate of becoming increasingly obsolete Actor in a two-digit number of the months before Vahls death “image” -Zeitungsartikeln marketed was. In the Hamburg central office of “image” it was during this time a moving montage of Vahl with a raised and lowered the coffin lid.  Henry Vahl died in 1977 at the age of 79 years in Hamburg. His grave is next to his brother Bruno Vahl-mountain on the cemetery Ohlsdorf .

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  • October, 26, 1897
  • Germany
  • Stralsund


  • July, 21, 1977
  • Germany
  • Hamburg


  • Ohlsdorfer Friedhof
  • Hamburg
  • Germany

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