Henry Armetta (Henry Armetta)

Henry  Armetta

Actor. At the age of 14, he stowed away on a boat to America, performed menial tasks to get by and eventually got a part in a chorus for a New York City stage show. In 1920, he moved to Hollywood and easily found work performing as stereotypical Italian in silent films. He went on to appear in over 152 films, being in 24 features in 1934 alone. His many credits included “Madame X” (1929), “The Devils Brother” (1933), “Poor Little Rich Girl” (1936), “Once Upon a Time” (1944) and “Anchors Aweigh” (1945). He died of a heart attack at the age of 57.


  • July, 04, 1888


  • October, 21, 1945
  • USA
  • San Diego, California


  • Holy Cross Cemetery
  • Los Angeles County, California
  • USA

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