Helene Weigel-Brecht (Helene Weigel-Brecht)

Helene Weigel-Brecht

Actress. She married Berthold Brecht in 1929. She influenced the female characters in Brechts plays. She joined the communist party in 1930. On Feruary 28, one day after the Reichstags fire Brecht and Weigel fled with their family and friends to Denmark. They later lived in Sweden, Finland and the United States. In 1948 she moved back to Germany where Brecht and she founded the “Berliner Ensemble” one year later.  (bio by: Lutetia)  Family links:  Spouse:  Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1956)* *Calculated relationship


  • May, 12, 1900
  • 00


  • May, 05, 1971


  • Dorotheenstädtisch-Friedrichwerderscher Friedhof I
  • Berlin
  • Germany

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