Hans Peter Baur (Hans Peter Baur)

Hans Peter Baur

Adolf Hitler’s personal pilot, author. He was a decorated WWI flyer and a leading commercial aviator during the pioneer, fledging days of Lufthansa Airlines in the late twenties. Hitler became the first head of state to use air travel extensively. He personally selected Hans Baur to be his official pilot. “Luftwaffe One” was a reliable four engine Condor which was plushed up and called “Immelmann II” after Max Immelmann a famous WWI pilot who was the creator of the famous dogfighting maneuver used during early combat between planes. Hitler increasingly relied on Baur for advice about air war policy and technical developments. At war’s end, he was trapped in the bunker with his beloved Fuhrer.  Prior to being captured by the Russians, he was shot and his injuries were so severe that one of his legs had to be amputated.  The Russians were deeply interested in Hans Baur, thinking he had flown Hitler to safety before the fall of Berlin.  He endured ten years of questioning at the hands of Russian agents who finally released him in 1955.  He returned to Germany to write his memoirs “Hitler At My Side”.  He died in Munich of strictly old age ailments and was interred in the family plot in the Westfridhof in Munich.

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  • June, 19, 1897
  • Germany
  • Ampfing, Bavaria


  • February, 02, 1993
  • Germany
  • Herrsching, Bavaria

Cause of Death

  • natural causes


  • Westfriedhof München
  • Münchener Stadtkreis Bavaria
  • Germany

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