Hamdy Ahmed (Hamdy Ahmed)

Hamdy Ahmed

Actor. Born Hamdy Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa, he was a prominent actor in Egyptian cinema, television, and the theater. He was jailed by the British forces in Egypt when he was 16 years old for participating in a student demonstration against the occupation in 1949. He went into acting after graduating from the Institute of Performing Arts in 1961 and appeared in over 35 plays, 25 films, 30 TV films, 89 television series, and nearly 3,000 hours on radio throughout his career.   His film credits include “Souq al mot aa” (1999), “Al-Kahira thalatin” (1966), “El-Ard” (1970), and “Al-yawm al-Sadis” (1986).  His most memorable role came in film “Al-Kahira thalatin” and the film earned a Best Foreign Film nomination in 1966.    His interest in politics brought him to the parliament where he served from 1979 to 1984 and continued to his passing. (bio by: Mr. Badger Hawkeye)


  • November, 09, 1933


  • January, 01, 2016


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