Gladys Brockwell (Gladys Brockwell)

Gladys  Brockwell

Actress. Born Gladys Lindeman, Brockwell made dozens of films in the late 1910s and by the late 1920s, she had become one of Hollywood’s most respected character women. Brockwell played ‘Nancy Sykes’ in “Oliver Twist” (1922) with John Gilbert and Jackie Coogan, and Janet Gaynor’s evil sister in “Seventh Heaven” (1927). She also had supporting roles in Colleen Moore’s “So Big” (1924) and “Twinkletoes” (1926), Harry Langdon’s “Long Pants” (1927), “Man, Woman and Sin” (1927) with John Gilbert, and “Spangles” (1926) with Marian Nixon. In her first talkie, “The Lights of New York,” Brockwell was a gangster’s moll. Brockwell made four more sound films before tragedy hit. Brockwell and advertising man Thomas Drennan died as the result of a car accident.


  • September, 26, 1893
  • USA
  • New York


  • July, 02, 1929
  • USA
  • California


  • Cremated. Ashes given to family or friend.

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