George Moran (George Moran)

George Moran

Gangster. The way he got his nickname is disputed. It is believed it comes for his imaginative but impractical plans for robbing banks and kidnapping millionaires in Chicago during the 1920s or from those who thought he was nuts or “buggy”. He is most known for trying to murder Al Capone. Capone was after Moran for the murder attempt when his men machine-gunned seven men on Clark Street in Chicago on Valentine’s Day in 1929 (known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre). He is also credited with “innovating” the act of driving by a rival’s hangout and spraying it with gunfire, a legacy which lasts to this day. Moran died of lung cancer 45 days after entering Leavenworth Penitentiary in 1957 on a ten-year bank robbery sentence.

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  • August, 21, 1893


  • February, 25, 1957

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