George Cadbury (George Cadbury)

George Cadbury

Businessman, Social Reformer. Cocoa and chocolate manufacturer and philanthropist, son of a Quaker grocer, Cadbury worked for a time in Joseph Rowntree’s grocery store. They both became world-wide competitors as chocolate manufacturers. In 1861, together with his brother, Richard, he took over the family buisness and in 1878, acquired land for a new factory three miles south of Birmingham. Cadbury Ltd. prospered well because of humanitarian working conditions. Cadbury founded the town of Bourneville as a village trust in 1900 to ensure the new factory location he had selected would not became surrounded by slums as workers were attracted to the area. The brothers cared for their employees. Both spoke up for more social rights and hence they installed canteens, washing facilities and sports grounds. They believed if they provided a happy home life for their employees, they would remain loyal to Cadbury Ltd. Later they even provided low-cost houses to their staff. He taught in the Adult School movement and, later, acquired several Birmingham newspapers to ensure that his liberal views were represented. (bio by: s.canning)


  • September, 19, 1839


  • October, 10, 1922


  • Bournville, Friends Meeting House Burial Ground
  • England

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