George Andrew Atzerodt (George Andrew Atzerodt)

George Andrew Atzerodt

Lincoln Assassination Conspirator. At the age of eight, his parents immigrated to America and settled in Maryland, but he never became a naturalized US Citizen. He and his older brother, John, set up a carriage repair shop at Port Tobacco, Maryland, located at the mouth of Pope’s Creek near its entry into the Potomac River. The two brothers separated, and John moved to Baltimore and George remained to operate the business. This was a favorite point from which Confederate spies and contraband were smuggled across the Potomac. ¬†Azerodt was frequently called upon on dark nights to man the oars of small boats engaged in illegal activities-always for a fee. Presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth had two plans: kidnap Lincoln, and simple assassination. Atzerodt was asked to participate mainly because he owned the boat that could ferry the captured President across the river. After a plan change, he was to kill Vice President Johnson. However, drunk in a bar when he heard that Booth had shot Lincoln, he fled, leaving his unsuspecting prey untouched to become president. He was apprehended along with three others, and they were executed by hanging. His brother John claimed the body and had it buried in a unmarked grave to dissuade visitors in Glenwood Cemetery. Later he had the body moved to St. Paul Cemetery in Baltimore where it is buried under the fictious name, Gottlief Taubert. (bio by: Paul S.) Cause of death: Executed by hanging


  • June, 12, 1835
  • Germany


  • July, 07, 1865
  • USA

Cause of Death

  • Executed by hanging


  • Old Saint Pauls Cemetery
  • Maryland
  • USA

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