Frieda Inescort (Frieda Inescort)

Frieda  Inescort

Actress. The daughter of actress Elaine Inescort and a British journalist, Inescort made her first Broadway appearance in the 1922 production “The Truth About Blayds.” After a successful career on stage, Inescort arrived in Hollywood in 1935, from 1935 to 1960, she was ‘Miss Bingley’ in “Pride and Prejudice.” Two of her better roles were as lawyer ‘Portia Merriman’ in “Portia on Trial,” for which she received high critical praise, and as ‘Mrs Vickers’ in “A Place in the Sun.” Her last appearance was for the Thriller series, in a play entitled “The Prisoner.” Multiple sclerosis forced Inescort into an all-too-early retirement. After a long battle, she died in the Country Home hospital. Her body was cremated, according to her wishes, at the Rosedale Cemetery.


  • June, 29, 1901
  • Scotland


  • February, 26, 1976
  • USA
  • California


  • Cremated

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