Freda Maud Jackson (Freda Maud Jackson)

Freda Maud Jackson

British Actress. Best known for her stage and film appearances from 1934 to 1981. After studying at High Pavement School and the University College, she became a school teacher but gave up her career to study acting at the Royal College of Art, in London. In total, she appeared in 62 major stage roles and 26 films. Her film credits include “A Canterbury Tale” (1944), Sir Laurence Olivier’s “Henry V” (1944), Charles Dicken’s “Great Expectations” (1946), “A Tale of Two Cities” (1958), “The Brides of Dracula” (1960), “The Shadow of the Cat” (1961) and Tony Richardson’s “Tom Jones” (1963). Her later screen roles were mostly on TV, including “Adam Adamant Lives” (1966), “Kilvert’s Diary” (1977) and “Blake’s 7” (1979). Her final film appearance was in “Clash of the Titans” (1981). She died at her home, Hardingstone House, aged 82, after a long illness. (bio by: Michael P. Sizemore)  Family links:  Spouse:  Henry Richard Bird (1909 – 2000)


  • December, 29, 1907
  • England


  • October, 10, 1990
  • England


  • Cremated

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