Fred Goetz (Fred Goetz)

Fred Goetz

Organized crime figure, also known as Shotgun George Ziegler. He was a killer at the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, Illinois. He earned an engineering degree and served in World War I as a flyer. He jumped bail in 1925 on a charge of raping a seven year old girl. He left the ranks of Organized Crime in 1930 and became an independent bootlegger working in Kansas City, Missouri before meeting the Barker gang. Participated in several bank robberies with Fred and Doc Barker and Alvin Karpis. When the Barkers kidnapped millionaire Edward G. Bremmer in 1933, (ransom was $200,000) it was Fred Goetz who acted as the go-between. He collected the ransom and released Bremmer. He was killed by shotgun blasts, by either the Barkers for talking too much, by Al Capone gunmen who believed he might reveal the identities of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre or by the Bugs Moran gang, seeking vengeance for the massacre.

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  • May, 21, 1897


  • March, 20, 1934

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