Frank Rio (Frank Rio)

Frank Rio

Organized Crime Figure. Al Capone’s personal bodyguard, he was also known as “Frankie Cline” and “Slippery Frank” because he was good at avoiding trials. While dining with Capone in the Hawthorne Hotel in September 1926, Rio threw himself on top of Capone to protect him from machine gun fire during a drive-by shooting courtesy of “Hymie” Weiss and his boys. Both Capone and Rio were unscathed. Rio is rumored to be the man who uncovered the 1929 plot by Joseph Guinta, Albert Anselmi, and John Scalise to kill Capone. Capone didn’t believe the news so Rio convinced him to fake a fight in front of the men so they would believe the two were parting ways. Capone even let Rio go so far as to slap him across the face. Scalise and Anselmi contacted Rio asking him to help murder Capone, but he told the men he had to think about it. Instead he informed Capone. Capone invited Giunta, Scalise, and Anselmi to a dinner party and allegedly beat the men to near death with an Indian club before having them shot. Rio was considered to be in the running to proceed Capone as head of the South Side gang after Capone’s conviction for tax evasion, but he died shortly after of heart disease.

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