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Frank Buck

Professional Outdoor Adventurer, Filmmaker. He was born on March 17, 1884, in Gainesville, Texas. When Frank Buck was five, his family moved to Dallas,Texas. After attending public schools there, he left home at the age of eighteen to take a job handling a trainload of cattle being sent to Chicago. In 1911 he made his first expedition to South America. He eventually also traveled to Malaya, India, Borneo, New Guinea, and Africa. From these and other expeditions he brought back many exotic species that he sold to zoos and circuses, and he ultimately acquired the nickname “Bring ‘Em Back Alive.” In those days there were no tranquilizer darts so he learned how to build traps and snares in ways that prevented injury to the animals he caught. He always accompanied his animals aboard ship to make certain they were well treated, and he refused sale to anyone who did not have an impeccable reputation for animal care. In 1930, the publication of “Bring ‘Em Back Alive”, became a best seller. He wrote several other books about his adventurers including: “Wild Cargo”, “Fang and Claw”, “Jim Thompson in The Jungles”, “On Jungle Trails”, “Animals Are Like That” and his autobiography, “All in a Lifetime” (1941). He was a contributor to the “Saturday Evening Post” and “Colliers”, and for some time he had a radio program, appeared with “Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus”, and was a popular subject of comic books. He was president of Frank Buck Enterprises, Incorporated, and Jungleland, Incorporated, and produced several motion pictures, including “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” (1932), “Wild Cargo” (1934), and “Fang and Claw” (1935), (made from his books), and “Jungle Menace”, “Jungle Cavalcade” (1941), “Jacaré” (1942) aka “Jacaré, Killer of the Amazon”, “Tiger Fangs” (1943) and “Africa Screams” (1949) aka “Abbott and Costello in Africa”. (bio by: Anonymous)  Family links:  Parents:  Howard D Buck (1848 – 1944)  Ada Sites Buck (1861 – 1941)  Sibling:  Walter F. Buck (1879 – 1955)*  Frank Buck (1884 – 1950) *Calculated relationship

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  • March, 17, 1884
  • USA
  • Gainesville, Texas


  • March, 03, 1950
  • USA
  • Houston, Texas

Cause of Death

  • lung cancer


  • Cremated

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