Franco Citti (Franco Citti)

Franco Citti

Actor. Well-known to film audiences as Calo in “The Godfather” and “The Godfather Part III”. He came to fame in acting in the 1961 Pier Paolo Pasolini film “Accattone”. He would become “the face of Pasolini’s films” with roles in such films as ” Mamma Roma”, “Edipo Re”, “Pigsty” and “The Decameron”.  He also appeared in several comedies produced by his brother Sergio Citti, who worked with Pasolini, and they would include “Ostia” (1970), “Bawdy Tales” (1973), “Beach House” (1977), “Il Minestrone” (1981) and “We Free Kings” (1996).   To the American film audience, he will always be remembered as Calo, the bodyguard to Michael Corleone in Sicily, in the hit film “The Godfather” in 1972, a role he would reprise in “The Godfather Part III” in 1990.    He passed away after a long illness. (bio by: Mr. Badger Hawkeye)


  • April, 23, 1935
  • Italy


  • January, 01, 2016
  • Italy


  • Cimitero di Santa Ninfa
  • Sicilia
  • Italy

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