Florence Lake (Florence Lake)

Florence Lake

Actress. Real name Florence Silverlake. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, she is probably best remembered for her roles in a series of short films playing the wives of actor Edgar Kennedy. The short films ran until Kennedy’s death in 1948. She was also the sister of actor Arthur Lake, best known for his role as Dagwood Bumstead of Blondie fame on television, radio, and in films. Lake’s credit include the films, “New Year’s Eve (1929), “Waltzing Around” (1929), “Romance” (1930), “Thanks Again” (1931), “All Gummed Up” (1931), “Jimmy And Sally” (1933), “Wrong Direction” (1934), “A Blasted Event” (1934), “Gasoloons” (1936), “Muss ‘Em Up” (1936), “Stagecoach” (1939), “Her Primitive Man” (1944), “Home Canning” (1948), “Bitter Creek” (1954), “The Desperado” (1954), “The Ghost And Mr. Chicken” (1966), “Welcome To Arrow Beach” (1974), and “The Day Of The Locust” (1975). Miss Lake’s television roles include, “Baretta”, “The Family Holvak”, “Emergency!”, “Celebrity Playhouse”, “The Lone Ranger”, “Adventures Of Bill Hickok”, “My Friend Flicka”, “Lock Up”, “Petticoat Junction”, “A Touch Of Grace”, “Adam-12”, and “Police Woman”.

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