Faith Bacon (Faith Bacon)

Faith Bacon

Actress, Burlesque Dancer. A Broadway starlet of the late 1920s, she is remembered for her erotic dance routines at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. Born Frances Yvonne Bacon, little is recorded of her early years save that she at some point lived in the Northern California community of Placerville and along the way apparently received at least a modicum of classical ballet training before making her way to New York where she had her Broadway debut in the revue “Earl Carroll’s Vanities of 1928”. Spending the next three years in the Big Apple Faith became a Broadway regular, appearing in Carroll’s “Fioretta” as well as in “Earl Carroll’s Sketch Book” and in the “Ziegfeld Follies of 1931”. Faith performed as a ‘fan dancer’ at the 1933 World’s Fair where she created a sensation with her “Dance of Shame”, in the process competing with the better-known Sally Rand who is alleged to have ‘stolen’ a portion of her routines. After Chicago she essentially dropped from view, appearing in but one Hollywood film, the 1938 “Prison Train”. Married for a time to songwriter Sandford Dickinson, she lived at least some of her remaining years in York, Pennsylvania, but never lost her desire for the limelight. Faith attempted suicide via a pill overdose in 1954 then after travelling to Chicago in a vain effort to get back into show business killed herself by jumping from a hotel window. Her estate amounting to 85 cents, the costs of her final arrangements and burial were borne by the American Guild of Variety Artists. A few videos of her dances have been preserved. (bio by: Bob Hufford)  Family links:  Spouse:  Sandford Hunt   Dickinson (1887 – 1958)


  • July, 19, 1910
  • USA


  • September, 09, 1956
  • USA


  • Wunder's Cemetery
  • Illinois
  • USA

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