Ezra Milford Jones (Ezra Milford Jones)

Ezra Milford Jones

Gangster. A member of the “Cuckoo Gang,” Jones (real name Jonas) committed robberies and murders all over the Midwest during Prohibition. Jones worked with the Purple Gang of Detroit and was a close friend of Fred “Killer” Burke. He had a particular hatred for Italian criminals, as they comprised most of his victims. Milford Jones would meet his end at the hands of his hated foes, shot down in the Stork Club on Rowena Street in Detroit. Pete Licavoli and Joe Massei were charged with the murder after a grand jury investigation, but the charges were dropped after key witnesses disappeared. (bio by: Dennis Rice)


  • November, 22, 1896
  • USA


  • June, 06, 1932
  • USA


  • Valhalla Cemetery
  • Missouri
  • USA

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