Eugenio Granell (Eugenio Granell)

Eugenio Granell

Painter. Born in Galicia, Spain, Granell was considered the last Spanish surrealist. During the Spanish Civil War, Granell was forced into exile and lived in the Dominican Republic and in Los Angeles before setting in New York in 1957. There he was associated with the Phases Movement, and his works were influenced by the nature and indigenous symbolism of the America’s native culture. Granell was also a poet and essayist, and became Professor Emeritus of Spanish literature at City University of New York. One of his most famous books is “Picasso’s Guernica: the End of a Spanish Era.” He founded the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the Surrealism movement, the Fundación Granell in Santiago de Compostela. His many works include “Elegía por Andrés Nin,” “Cronista de Indias” and “Mujer y Caballo.” (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)


  • November, 28, 1912


  • October, 10, 2001


  • Cementerio de Olmeda de las Fuentes
  • Madrid
  • Spain

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