Ens William Fairbanks (Ens William Fairbanks)

Ens William Fairbanks

Actor. Born Carl Ullman in St. Louis, Missouri, he was a popular figure in over 65 movies during the silent film era. He made his first screen debut in war drama “Somewhere in France” (1916). He appeared in five movies released the next year, including “The Little Brother” (1917). With the advent of World War I, he registered for the draft, served in the US Navy as an Ensign and appeared in the movie comedy, “The Hired” (1918). After his time in the service, he resumed acting in mostly western and action films such as “The Clean-Up” (1922), “Racing for Life” (1924), “Flying High” (1926), “The Down Grade” (1927) and “Wyoming” (1928). After his role as Long Collins in “The Vanishing West” (1928), he retired from the screen. He died at age 50 of pneumonia in Los Angeles, California and was buried with full military honors. 

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  • May, 24, 1894
  • USA
  • Missouri


  • April, 01, 1945
  • USA
  • California


  • Los Angeles National Cemetery
  • California
  • USA

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